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Steve Eastis Events and Consulting Services

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Steve Eastis Owner

An Event Production & Consulting Services


We truly believe Entertainment plays a key role in a successful event. This is why we offer a wide selection of entertainment services using only the most highly qualified entertainers, which we will carefully select for your event. We will coordinate your entertainment to fit the style of your event. Anything from a simple DJ service to a full size band we also provide magicians, impersonators, casino gaming, balloon artists. Sketch artists, big name music artists and tribute shows.


Santa Steve Eastis  aka (SoCal. Santa to the Stars)

Is proud to announce a new consulting service, directed at The Santa Business

With having over a decade in the Santa business myself, 

I know what I’m talking about

Areas of Focuses

  Contract  Review

  Agents  /  Event booking company’s

  Photos / Head shots.

  Santa Business models.

  Mall / Photo studios work 

  Home Visits  / Corporate visits

  Film/ TV / Web / internet Chat / Print work

  Gig Master/ Gig Salad

  Using Social Media  / Web

  Compensation, W-2 vs 1099

  Tax questions (from me a past Licensed Tax prepare)

 Executive  Director /Consultant                                                 

Of 3 Downtown Business improvement Districts (DBID) ,

working with City, County and State Government ‘s

  Owner of a 25yr old Production Co.   


New Downtown Consulting Services  


I have been an Executive Director of 2 successful Business Improvement Districts (BID’s & PBID’s) I’m offering consulting services that can evaluate your organizations events and financial ability to at least break even or make a profit for future events.


I have been a one man show and worked with a staff of up to 20. 

I have worked with many community leaders / civic groups and city governments in the past so I know what it takes to get a community and organizations involved.


Thank You for giving me the opportunity

to fulfill your entertainment and consulting needs

Please e-mail me with any questions.

All New Santa Steve Eastis
(aka) SoCal.Santa to the Stars

Starting out as a real bearded Santa in 2008 I have been helping to bring happiness  to 1000’s young and old over the years and keeping the spirit of Santa alive in everyone I meet.

 Santa Steve Promo click on photo to go to Youtube



Steve Eastis Events
Entertaining Events For Everyone Since 1990